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What is BS EN4550:62017

The BS EN4550:62017 is a technical standard that outlines the requirements for medical gloves used in healthcare settings. This standard focuses on the safety and performance of these gloves, ensuring they provide effective protection against biological hazards and chemical substances.

Key Requirements of BS EN4550:62017

The BS EN4550:62017 standard has several key requirements that must be met by medical gloves manufacturers:

Barrier Performance: The gloves should have sufficient barrier properties to prevent the transfer of microorganisms and other harmful substances.

Physical Properties: The gloves must possess adequate strength and durability to withstand regular use without tearing or puncturing.

Sizing: The gloves should be available in a range of sizes to ensure proper fit and comfort for different users.

Biological Evaluation: The gloves should undergo biocompatibility testing to assess their potential adverse effects on human health.

Chemical Properties: The gloves must not contain any components that could cause harm or discomfort to the user or patients.

Why is BS EN4550:62017 important?

The BS EN4550:62017 standard plays a crucial role in maintaining the safety and quality of medical gloves. By following this standard, manufacturers can ensure that their products meet the necessary criteria for effective barrier protection and overall performance.

Compliance with the BS EN4550:62017 standard is vital for healthcare providers, as it helps to reduce the risk of cross-contamination and transmission of infectious diseases. Properly manufactured gloves provide a crucial layer of defense against pathogens, making them an essential part of infection control measures in healthcare settings.


The BS EN4550:62017 standard sets the benchmark for medical gloves used in healthcare. By adhering to this standard and meeting its requirements, manufacturers can produce gloves that provide effective protection against biological and chemical hazards. Healthcare providers can trust these gloves to keep both the users and patients safe from potential infections. It's important for all stakeholders in the healthcare industry to be aware of the importance of this standard and ensure its implementation for the overall well-being of everyone involved.



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