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What is BS EN ISO 9651:2013?


BS EN ISO 9651:2013 is a standard that specifies the general requirements for the design and manufacturing of revolving doors. It aims to ensure the safety, functionality, and durability of these doors by providing guidelines for their construction and installation.

Main Features of BS EN ISO 9651:2013

The main features of BS EN ISO 9651:2013 include:

Design Requirements: The standard provides detailed requirements for various components of a revolving door, such as the entrance panels, drive system, safety devices, and control systems. These requirements are designed to ensure optimal performance and safe operation of the door.

Manufacturing Guidelines: BS EN ISO 9651:2013 also outlines guidelines for the manufacturing process of revolving doors. This includes specifications for materials, dimensional tolerances, surface finishes, and quality control measures.

Installation Recommendations: The standard provides recommendations for the proper installation of revolving doors, including requirements for structural support, anchoring systems, and clearances.

Benefits of BS EN ISO 9651:2013 Compliance

Complying with BS EN ISO 9651:2013 offers several benefits:

Enhanced Safety: By adhering to the standard's design and safety requirements, revolving doors can minimize the risk of accidents or injuries to users. This is particularly important in high-traffic areas where the volume of people passing through the doors is significant.

Improved Functionality: Revolving doors constructed according to the standard's guidelines provide smooth and efficient operation, ensuring a seamless flow of traffic in both directions. Their design is optimized to handle various weather conditions and withstand frequent use.

Longevity and Durability: Following the manufacturing guidelines in BS EN ISO 9651:2013 helps ensure that revolving doors are built to last. The specifications for materials, finishes, and quality control measures contribute to their longevity and resistance to wear and tear.


BS EN ISO 9651:2013 is an essential standard for the design, manufacturing, and installation of revolving doors. Compliance with this standard guarantees safe, functional, and durable doors that can be used confidently by people in various settings. By adhering to the requirements outlined in the standard, manufacturers and installers can create high-quality revolving doors that enhance safety, improve functionality, and endure the test of time.



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