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What is EN ISO 20121:2014?


In today's rapidly advancing world, sustainability has become a crucial aspect in various industries. One such industry where sustainability plays a significant role is event management. EN ISO 20121:2014 is an international standard that provides guidelines for implementing sustainable practices in event management. This article aims to provide a thorough understanding of EN ISO 20121:2014 and its importance in the context of sustainable event management.

The Key Elements of EN ISO 20121:2014

EN ISO 20121:2014 focuses on integrating sustainable practices throughout the entire event lifecycle. It emphasizes the need for event organizers to take responsibility for minimizing the negative environmental, social, and economic impacts associated with their events. The key elements of EN ISO 20121:2014 include:

Developing a sustainability policy and objectives.

Identifying and engaging stakeholders.

Assessing the environmental, social, and economic aspects of an event.

Implementing sustainable procurement practices.

Minimizing waste generation and promoting recycling.

Managing energy consumption and emissions.

Promoting inclusivity and accessibility.

The Benefits of Implementing EN ISO 20121:2014

Implementing EN ISO 20121:2014 brings several advantages to event organizers. Firstly, it helps to reduce the environmental impact of events by promoting resource efficiency, waste reduction, and carbon footprint management. Secondly, it enhances an organization's reputation by demonstrating a commitment to sustainability. Thirdly, EN ISO 20121:2014 encourages collaboration and engagement with stakeholders, leading to better relationships and shared value creation. Lastly, implementing this standard fosters innovation and creativity in the design and delivery of events, allowing organizers to stay ahead of the curve.



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