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What is ISO 23601?

ISO 23601 is an international standard that provides guidelines for the design and implementation of graphical symbols used in emergency exit signage. It focuses on creating signs that are clear, easily understood, and universally recognized in order to facilitate safe evacuation during emergencies. This article will delve into the details of ISO 23601 and its significance in ensuring effective emergency response.

The Importance of ISO 23601

Emergency exit signage plays a crucial role in ensuring public safety, especially in situations where visibility might be limited or individuals may be unfamiliar with the surroundings. ISO 23601 aims to harmonize these signs globally, enabling people to quickly recognize and understand emergency exit information regardless of their location or language proficiency.

ISO 23601 prescribes specific design principles for graphical symbols in emergency exit signs. These principles include clarity, simplicity, and consistency in symbol representation. The use of standardized symbols eliminates ambiguity and reduces the risk of misinterpretation, helping individuals navigate through emergency situations swiftly and safely.

Key Requirements of ISO 23601

To comply with ISO 23601, manufacturers and designers must ensure that emergency exit signage meets certain criteria. Firstly, the symbols should be self-explanatory, requiring no additional text or explanations. This ensures that the signs can be understood even by individuals who do not speak the local language. Secondly, the signs should have a consistent appearance and placement, making them easily recognizable in various environments and cultures.

Additionally, ISO 23601 emphasizes the use of internationally recognized symbols rather than textual information whenever possible. Graphical symbols are more intuitive and transcend language barriers, reaching a broader range of people. The standard also requires that signs be designed with high luminance contrasts to enhance visibility under different lighting conditions.

Benefits and Compliance

Adhering to ISO 23601 benefits both individuals and organizations. For individuals, standardized emergency exit signs provide a sense of security and assurance, as they can easily locate appropriate exits during critical situations. Organizations benefit from clear and concise signage, which contributes to smooth evacuations, reduces panic, and ensures compliance with safety regulations.

Compliance with ISO 23601 is essential for businesses and public buildings. Regular inspections and maintenance of emergency exit signage are necessary to ensure signs remain visible and free from obstruction. By implementing ISO 23601, organizations demonstrate their commitment to safety and emergency preparedness, creating a secure environment for employees, guests, and the general public.


ISO 23601 sets the benchmark for emergency exit signage design globally. It provides uniformity in graphical symbols, ensuring that people can quickly and intuitively navigate to safety during emergencies, regardless of language or location. Compliance with this standard promotes effective emergency response, enhances public safety, and contributes to overall risk reduction.



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