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What is EN ISO 13854:2014?

EN ISO 13854:2014 is a standard that provides guidelines for preventing access to hazard zones in machinery and equipment. The standard covers various aspects, including the identification of hazardous areas, the design of protective measures, and the implementation of safety procedures.

Understanding the Scope

The scope of EN ISO 13854:2014 applies to all types of machinery where access to hazard zones can occur. Hazard zones refer to areas where an individual is at risk of coming into contact with moving or dangerous parts of the machinery. The standard aims to reduce the likelihood of accidents by implementing effective safety measures and controls.

Key Considerations

When implementing EN ISO 13854:2014, there are several key considerations to keep in mind. Firstly, it is essential to conduct a thorough assessment of the machinery and identify potential hazard zones. This step allows for targeted protective measures to be put in place according to the specific hazards and risks present.

Secondly, the standard emphasizes the need for clear and comprehensive instructions and warning signs. Employees should receive adequate training on the machinery's safe operation and understand how to recognize and respond to warning signs within the hazard zones.

Implementing EN ISO 13854:2014

Implementing EN ISO 13854:2014 requires collaboration between employers, machinery manufacturers, and employees. Employers are responsible for conducting risk assessments, providing necessary training, and ensuring that protective measures are properly installed and maintained.

Machinery manufacturers play a crucial role in designing and producing equipment that complies with the standard's requirements. They should provide clear guidelines on how their machinery can be used safely and ensure that appropriate safety features are built into the design.

Finally, employees must actively follow safety procedures and report any concerns or malfunctions to their supervisors. It is essential for them to understand and adhere to the protective measures put in place to minimize the risk of accidents.



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