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What is EN ISO 13863:2021?

EN ISO 13863:2021 is an internationally recognized standard that provides guidelines for writing professional technical articles. This standard outlines the requirements and recommendations for creating effective and high-quality technical content in various fields, including engineering, technology, and science.

The Importance of Writing Professional Technical Articles

Writing professional technical articles plays a crucial role in disseminating knowledge, sharing ideas, and advancing research in different industries. These articles serve as a platform for experts to communicate their findings, innovations, and perspectives, contributing to the overall growth and development of their respective fields.

Moreover, well-written technical articles enhance the credibility of authors and organizations, establishing them as thought leaders in their domains. By adhering to EN ISO 13863:2021 guidelines, writers can ensure that their work meets international standards and maintains a high level of professionalism.

Key Elements of EN ISO 13863:2021

EN ISO 13863:2021 covers several key elements that contribute to the quality and effectiveness of technical articles. These elements include:

Clear Structure: The standard emphasizes the importance of organizing the article in a logical and coherent manner. It suggests using informative headings, subheadings, and bullet points to facilitate easy navigation and comprehension.

Language and Terminology: EN ISO 13863:2021 encourages the use of concise and precise language, avoiding jargon or technical terms that may not be widely understood. Authors are advised to define specialized terms when necessary and provide clear explanations to ensure readers can follow the content easily.

Visual Aids: The standard recommends incorporating well-designed figures, tables, graphs, and diagrams to illustrate complex concepts and data. These visual aids should be clear, labeled appropriately, and referenced accurately within the text.

References: EN ISO 13863:2021 emphasizes the importance of citing relevant sources to support claims, provide evidence, and acknowledge the work of others. Proper referencing helps establish the credibility of the article and gives readers the opportunity to explore further.


EN ISO 13863:2021 serves as a valuable guide for authors looking to write professional technical articles. By adhering to its guidelines, writers can enhance the quality, clarity, and impact of their work, ultimately contributing to the advancement of knowledge in their respective fields. Whether you are an experienced writer or new to technical writing, familiarizing yourself with this standard will undoubtedly benefit your future endeavors.



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