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What is EN 511:2010?

EN 511:2010 is a standard that specifies the requirements and testing methods for gloves designed to protect against cold. This European standard provides users with a clear indication of the level of protection offered by gloves in extremely cold conditions. The standard covers the complete glove, including the lining and the outer shell, and has three key performance parameters: resistance to convective cold, resistance to contact cold, and resistance to water penetration.

Resistance to Convective Cold

The resistance to convective cold is indicated by a number between 0 and 4, with a higher number indicating better protection. This parameter measures the ability of the glove material to resist the transfer of cold air through it. The test involves placing the glove on a hand-shaped copper plate with temperature sensors, and then exposing it to a controlled flow of cold air. The rate at which the temperature decreases on the inside of the glove is recorded, and based on this, a rating is assigned.

Resistance to Contact Cold

The resistance to contact cold is also rated from 0 to 4, with 4 being the highest level of protection. This parameter evaluates how well the glove material can insulate against the transfer of cold temperatures by direct contact. To determine this rating, the glove is placed on a copper plate cooled to a specific temperature, and the time it takes for the temperature on the inside of the glove to drop by a certain amount is measured. The longer it takes, the higher the rating.

Resistance to Water Penetration

The resistance to water penetration is given a score of either 0 (no water resistance) or 1 (water resistance). This parameter indicates whether the glove can protect against water penetration, as wet hands in cold environments can lead to a greater risk of frostbite. The test involves applying water pressure to the glove and checking for any signs of water penetration. If no water is observed inside the glove after a certain period, it is assigned a rating of 1; otherwise, it receives a rating of 0.

In conclusion, EN 511:2010 is a crucial standard for evaluating the performance of gloves in extremely cold conditions. By understanding the resistance to convective cold, resistance to contact cold, and resistance to water penetration, users can make informed decisions when selecting gloves that provide adequate protection for their specific needs in cold environments.



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