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What is EN 511: 2010?

EN511:2010 is a technical standard that defines the requirements and performance levels for protective gloves against cold. It provides guidelines for manufacturers, retailers, and consumers to ensure the quality and effectiveness of gloves in protecting against cold weather conditions.

Understanding the Performance Levels

The EN511:2010 standard measures the performance of gloves in three key areas: convective cold, contact cold, and water permeability. Each area has its own performance level, indicated by a numerical value from 1 to 4, with 4 being the highest level of protection.

Convective Cold: Level A

Convective cold refers to the transfer of cold air through the gloves. Level A indicates that the gloves provide resistance to convective cold up to -5°C. These gloves are suitable for activities in cool or slightly cold environments where the primary concern is protection against the wind chill factor.

Contact Cold: Level B

Contact cold refers to the direct contact of cold surfaces with the gloves. Level B indicates that the gloves provide protection against contact cold up to -30°C. These gloves are suitable for handling objects or materials at low temperatures, such as working in freezer rooms or cold storage facilities.

Water Permeability: Level C

Water permeability refers to the ability of gloves to resist water penetration. Level C indicates that the gloves are waterproof and suitable for use in wet or damp environments. These gloves can protect the hands from both cold and moisture, making them ideal for tasks involving snow, rain, or water exposure.

Choosing the Right Gloves

When selecting gloves, it is essential to consider the specific requirements of the task or activity. The EN511:2010 standard provides a reliable indication of a glove's suitability for cold weather conditions. By identifying the performance levels required in terms of convective cold, contact cold, and water permeability, individuals can make informed decisions to protect themselves effectively.

It is worth noting that the EN511:2010 standard does not cover other factors such as dexterity, grip, or comfort. These aspects should also be considered when choosing gloves to ensure optimal performance and comfort during use.

In conclusion, the EN511:2010 technical standard plays a crucial role in defining the performance levels of protective gloves against cold. By understanding the requirements and performance levels indicated by this standard, individuals can choose the right gloves to protect themselves effectively in various cold weather conditions.



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