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What is EN ISO 14025:2019?

When it comes to evaluating the environmental performance of products, one standard that plays a crucial role is EN ISO 14025:2019. This international standard provides clear guidelines on how to conduct and report Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). EPDs enable organizations and consumers to make informed decisions about the environmental impact of products throughout their life cycles.

Importance of EN ISO 14025:2019

EN ISO 14025:2019 is essential for several reasons. Firstly, it allows manufacturers to assess the environmental impact of their products objectively. By following the guidelines provided, companies can measure various aspects such as energy consumption, water usage, greenhouse gas emissions, waste generation, and more. With this information, organizations can identify areas for improvement and develop strategies to minimize their environmental footprint.

How to comply with EN ISO 14025:2019

Complying with EN ISO 14025:2019 involves several steps. To begin with, an organization must determine the scope and boundaries of the product's life cycle. This includes considering raw material extraction, manufacturing processes, distribution, use, and disposal. Once the life cycle stages are defined, data collection is crucial. Accurate and reliable information is necessary to calculate the environmental impacts accurately. The collected data will then be used to prepare the EPD, which should follow the specific format outlined in the standard.

Benefits and Challenges of Implementing EN ISO 14025:2019

Implementing EN ISO 14025:2019 brings numerous benefits. For manufacturers, it enhances their credibility by providing transparent and credible information on their product's environmental performance. Additionally, it helps organizations stay ahead of environmental regulations and consumer expectations. For consumers, EPDs provide the necessary information to make eco-conscious choices. However, implementing this standard may also come with challenges. Collecting and analyzing data throughout the product life cycle can be a complex and time-consuming process. Furthermore, ensuring consistency and accuracy in reporting across different products and sectors can be demanding.



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