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What is BS EN 13893:2002?


BS EN 13893:2002 is a technical standard that provides guidelines for determining the measurement of certain properties of textile floor coverings. This standard was published by the British Standards Institution (BSI) and is widely recognized in the industry.

Scope and Purpose

The purpose of BS EN 13893:2002 is to establish uniform testing procedures and criteria for evaluating the characteristics of textile floor coverings. This includes properties such as pile thickness, tuft bind strength, dimensional stability, colorfastness, and more. The standard applies to various types of textile floor coverings, including carpets, carpet tiles, rugs, and mats.

Testing Procedures and Parameters

The standard outlines specific testing procedures for each property to be assessed. For example, the measurement of pile thickness involves using a gauge to determine the height of the pile from the base fabric. Tuft bind strength, on the other hand, requires applying force to assess the attachment strength between the pile loops and the backing material.

In addition to the testing procedures, the standard also sets criteria for the assessment of each property. These criteria help determine whether a textile floor covering passes or fails based on its performance in the specified tests.

Importance and Benefits

BS EN 13893:2002 plays a crucial role in ensuring the quality and consistency of textile floor coverings in the market. Compliance with this standard allows manufacturers to provide reliable products that meet customer expectations. For consumers, it offers confidence in the performance and durability of the purchased floor coverings.

Moreover, adherence to BS EN 13893:2002 enables fair competition among manufacturers, as they all follow the same set of testing procedures and criteria. This promotes a level playing field and encourages innovation in the textile floor covering industry.

In conclusion, BS EN 13893:2002 is an important technical standard that sets guidelines for measuring various properties of textile floor coverings. It establishes testing procedures and criteria to assess characteristics such as pile thickness, tuft bind strength, and dimensional stability. Compliance with this standard ensures product quality and promotes fair competition in the industry.



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