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What is BS EN 13718-2:2013?

BS EN 13718-2:2013 is a technical standard that pertains to the transport of dangerous goods. Specifically, it focuses on the design and construction requirements for packaging intended for hazardous substances. This standard was developed by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) in collaboration with various industry experts.

Scope and Objectives

The primary objective of BS EN 13718-2:2013 is to ensure the safe handling and transportation of dangerous goods. It establishes guidelines for packaging manufacturers to produce containers that meet certain criteria in terms of strength, durability, and leak-proofness. The scope of this standard covers a wide range of hazardous substances, including but not limited to chemicals, gases, and flammable liquids.

Main Requirements

BS EN 13718-2:2013 outlines several key requirements that packaging must meet to comply with the standard. Firstly, containers must have proper closures that can resist opening during normal handling and transportation conditions. Additionally, they should be constructed using suitable materials that can withstand the potential hazards associated with the stored substances.

Furthermore, the standard specifies various performance tests that packaging must undergo. These include tests for stackability, drop resistance, and vibration resistance. Containers must also be able to prevent leakage in case of damage or a sudden change in pressure.

Compliance and Certification

To demonstrate compliance with BS EN 13718-2:2013, packaging manufacturers may conduct their own testing or seek certification from accredited third-party laboratories. When a container meets all the relevant requirements, it can be marked with the respective certification symbol indicating compliance with the standard.

It's crucial for manufacturers, shippers, and other stakeholders involved in the transport of dangerous goods to adhere to the guidelines set forth by BS EN 13718-2:2013. By doing so, the risks associated with handling hazardous substances can be mitigated, ensuring the safety of personnel and the environment.

Overall, BS EN 13718-2:2013 plays a vital role in establishing standards for packaging intended for dangerous goods. It sets out guidelines for both the design and construction of containers, prioritizing safety and minimizing risks associated with these substances. Adhering to this standard is crucial for all parties involved in the transportation of hazardous materials.



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