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What is BS EN 60061462018

BS EN 60061-4:2018 is a technical standard that specifies the requirements and test methods for safety assessment of electrical lighting equipment intended for use in toys. It was developed by the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC) with the goal of ensuring that lighting equipment in toys meets the necessary safety criteria.


Before the introduction of BS EN 60061-4:2018, there was no specific standard to assess the safety of lighting equipment in toys. This posed a potential risk to children who might come into contact with these toys, as poorly designed or unsafe lighting equipment could cause injuries or accidents.

BS EN 60061-4:2018 aims to address this issue by providing manufacturers, retailers, regulators, and consumers with clear guidelines on what constitutes safe lighting equipment for toys.


The standard outlines several important requirements that lighting equipment in toys must meet. These include electrical safety, mechanical safety, and protection against potential hazards such as electric shock, thermal risks, and fire hazards.

The standard also specifies the necessary markings, labels, and instructions that should accompany toys containing lighting equipment, ensuring that users are properly informed about their safe use and maintenance.

Testing Methods

BS EN 60061-4:2018 provides detailed test procedures and methods to evaluate the safety performance of lighting equipment in toys. These tests cover a range of factors such as insulation resistance, insulation coating, protection against electric shock, mechanical strength, and resistance to heat and fire.

Manufacturers and testing laboratories can refer to these test methods to ensure that their products comply with the safety requirements outlined in the standard. Compliance with BS EN 60061-4:2018 helps to build consumer confidence in the safety of toys containing lighting equipment.



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