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What is BS EN 60068220?

BS EN 60068220 is a technical standard that pertains to environmental testing for electrical and electronic equipment. It is part of the larger EN 60068 series, which covers various aspects of environmental testing. This particular standard focuses on testing procedures related to robustness and performance under severe weather conditions, such as extreme temperatures, humidity, and exposure to mechanical stress.

The Importance of BS EN 60068220

Understanding and adhering to BS EN 60068220 is of utmost importance for manufacturers and developers of electrical and electronic equipment. Compliance with this standard ensures that products meet specific requirements for reliability and durability in harsh environmental conditions. By subjecting their products to these tests, manufacturers can guarantee their performance and quality, thus increasing customer satisfaction and trust in the brand.

Key Testing Procedures

The BS EN 60068220 standard outlines several testing procedures that must be conducted to validate the environmentally robust performance of equipment. These include:

1. Extreme Temperature Tests: The equipment is subjected to both high and low temperatures to gauge its resistance and functionality under such conditions. This test ensures that the product remains operational even in extreme climate scenarios.

2. Humidity Tests: High humidity levels can pose multiple challenges for electronic equipment, including corrosion and damage due to moisture. By conducting humidity tests, manufacturers can evaluate how well their products withstand exposure to high humidity and identify any necessary improvements.

3. Mechanical Stress Tests: Equipment is subjected to various forms of mechanical stress, such as vibration or shock, to assess its ability to handle physical impacts. This test simulates real-world scenarios where the product may encounter rough handling or transport conditions.

Compliance and Certification

For products to be considered compliant with BS EN 60068220, manufacturers must conduct the necessary tests and document the results. Third-party testing laboratories and specialized certification bodies play a crucial role in verifying compliance. Once a product passes all the required tests, it can be certified as meeting the BS EN 60068220 standard, which adds credibility and market value.

In conclusion, BS EN 60068220 is a technical standard that ensures electrical and electronic equipment's robustness and performance under severe environmental conditions. By adhering to this standard, manufacturers can provide reliable and durable products to consumers, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and trust in their brand.



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