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What is BS EN 4565:2017?

BS EN 4565:2017 is a technical specification for protective clothing against infrequent contact with small flames, radiant heat, and molten splash. It provides guidelines regarding the performance requirements and test methods for such protective clothing.

Scope and Purpose

The scope of BS EN 4565:2017 includes specifying the minimum performance requirements for materials used in the manufacturing of protective clothing, as well as the design and construction of such clothing. The purpose of this specification is to ensure that workers who are exposed to occasional or brief exposure to heat, flames, or splashes are adequately protected.

Performance Requirements

BS EN 4565:2017 outlines various performance requirements that protective clothing should meet to ensure its effectiveness. These requirements include resistance to flame spread, limited flame spread afterglow, and mechanical properties such as tear strength and tensile strength. The standard also addresses the protection against radiant heat and molten metal splash.

Test Methods

To assess compliance with BS EN 4565:2017, several test methods are employed. These methods evaluate the clothing's resistance to flame spread, the ability to limit flame spread after the ignition source is removed, and the protective material's response to molten metal splash. Mechanical properties, such as tear strength and tensile strength, are also measured to ensure the durability and effectiveness of the clothing.


BS EN 4565:2017 plays a vital role in ensuring the safety of workers who face occasional exposure to heat, flames, or molten metal splash. By setting out clear performance requirements and testing methods, this standard ensures that protective clothing provides an effective barrier against these hazards. Employers and workers should familiarize themselves with this specification to ensure compliance and promote a safer working environment.



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