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What is EN 51084-2:2010 ?

What is EN 510841:2010 and EN 510344:2010?

EN 510841:2010 and EN 510344:2010 are both technical standards developed by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN). EN 510841:2010 is a technical standard for electronic documentation used in the field of engineering, while EN 510344:2010, also known as "Safety of XYZ Equipment," sets forth the specific guidelines and requirements to be met by manufacturers of XYZ equipment.

What is the purpose of EN 510841:2010?

The main aim of EN 510841:2010 is to enhance communication and facilitate the exchange of technical information within the engineering community. By following this standard, engineers can create well-structured, user-friendly documents that effectively convey complex technical concepts and procedures.

Key Requirements of EN 510841:2010

EN 510841:2010 provides a framework for documenting products, systems, and processes within the engineering industry. The standard sets forth guidelines for creating, organizing, and maintaining technical documents to ensure consistency, accuracy, and usability. It provides a set of requirements for the format, structure, and content of technical documents, including the use of terminology, the writing style, and the visual representation of technical information.

EN 510344:2010, on the other hand, is a technical standard for the safety of XYZ equipment. The purpose of EN 510344:2010 is to ensure the safety and reliability of certain products, including XYZ equipment. The standard provides guidelines for manufacturers to produce safe and reliable XYZ equipment, including the requirements for design, manufacture, testing, and documentation.

The requirements of EN 510841:2010 and EN 510344:2010 are distinct and separate, but both standards are important for ensuring the safety, reliability, and quality of engineering products.



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