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What is ISO/IEC 10149: 2015 ?

ISO/IEC 10149: 2015 is an essential standard for software developers, as it helps ensure the security and integrity of software systems.

ISO-IEC 10149: 2015 is an international standard that provides guidelines and requirements for the development of secure software. It aims to help organizations ensure the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of their software systems by addressing vulnerabilities and risks associated with software development processes.

ISO 116659: 2015 is a professional technical standard that specifies the requirements and guidelines for writing technical documents, such as reports, instructions, and manuals. It provides a framework for consistency and clarity in written communication, ensuring that information is effectively conveyed to the intended audience.

By following the guidelines outlined in ISO 116659: 2015, technical writers can create documents that are user-friendly, reducing the risk of miscommunication, errors, and accidents that could result from poorly written or confusing instructions.

ISO 116659: 2015 is an important standard that can help ensure the quality and effectiveness of technical documentation, ultimately leading to more reliable and secure software systems. It is widely recognized and adopted by organizations around the world to help them develop and maintain high-quality technical documentation that meets their needs.



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