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What is IEC 60695-11-5 2004 ?

IEC 60695-11-5 2004 is an international standard that outlines the procedures for writing technical articles. It is important for technical writers to follow these procedures to produce high-quality articles that are clear, concise, and easy to understand.

IEC 60512-2012 is another international standard that provides guidelines for professional technical writing. It is designed to help technical writers write articles that are accurate, reliable, and meet the needs of the reader.

IEC60364-5-52 is an international standard that provides guidelines for electrical installations in low-voltage systems. The purpose of this standard is to eliminate the risk of electric shock and other electrical hazards, and to ensure that electrical installations are properly designed, installed, operated, and maintained according to international safety standards.

Key Requirements of IEC60364-5-52 include the use of a consistent language and symbols, clear and concise descriptions, and the provision of appropriate references and citations. It is important to ensure that the electrical installations are safe and reliable, and that the information provided in the technical article is accurate and up-to-date.


In conclusion, IEC 60695-11-5 2004 and IEC60512-2012 are important international standards that provide guidelines for technical writing. By following these standards, technical writers can ensure that their articles are clear, concise, and accurate, and that they effectively communicate the information to their readers. By understanding the requirements of these standards, technical writers can produce high-quality technical articles that are essential for the success of any project.



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