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What is ASNZS 60335.1:2004?

ASNZS 60335.1:2004 is a technical standard used in Australia and New Zealand for electrical appliances' safety requirements. It establishes the general principles and specific safety requirements that manufacturers must comply with to ensure their products can be used safely.

Importance of ASNZS 60335.1:2004

This standard plays a crucial role in protecting consumers from potential hazards associated with electrical appliances. By setting out clear guidelines, it ensures that all products sold in Australia and New Zealand are safe to use and meet certain performance criteria.

One of the key benefits of adhering to this standard is the prevention of electrical accidents such as electric shock or fires caused by faulty or unsafe appliances. Furthermore, compliance with ASNZS 60335.1:2004 also improves product quality and reliability, increasing customer confidence and satisfaction.

Main Requirements of ASNZS 60335.1:2004

This standard covers various aspects of electrical appliance safety, including:

Protection against electric shock

Thermal protection

Mechanical construction

It also sets guidelines for proper instructions, markings, and warnings to ensure users understand how to safely operate and maintain these appliances.

Compliance and Certification

Manufacturers and importers are responsible for ensuring their products comply with ASNZS 60335.1:2004. Compliance testing and certification by accredited organizations are required before these appliances can be legally sold in Australia and New Zealand.

For consumers, it is essential to look for products with appropriate certification marks indicating compliance with the standard. This ensures that the appliance has undergone rigorous testing and meets all safety requirements set by ASNZS 60335.1:2004.



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