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What is ASNZS 61347.1:2016?

ASNZS 61347.1:2016 is a technical standard developed by the Joint Australian/New Zealand Standards Committee for electrical installations. It provides guidelines and requirements for the safety of luminaires - devices that produce artificial light - in various settings such as residential, commercial, and industrial environments.

of the Standard

The standard sets out the general safety principles and specific safety requirements that manufacturers and suppliers must adhere to when designing and producing luminaires. It covers aspects such as electrical insulation, temperature rise, resistance to moisture and dust, and protection against mechanical hazards. The aim of the standard is to ensure the safety of both the users and the environment during the operation and maintenance of luminaires.

One important aspect of the standard is the classification of luminaires based on their degree of protection against ingress of solids and liquids. This classification, known as the IP rating (Ingress Protection), categorizes luminaires into different groups depending on their ability to withstand dust, water, and other potentially harmful substances. The IP rating helps consumers choose the appropriate luminaires for specific installation locations, ensuring optimal safety and performance.

Compliance and Certification

Manufacturers and suppliers of luminaires need to ensure that their products comply with ASNZS 61347.1:2016. Compliance involves meeting all the requirements specified in the standard and successfully undergoing testing and inspection procedures. It is essential for manufacturers to maintain proper documentation and records to demonstrate compliance.

To validate compliance, independent certification bodies conduct thorough assessments of the luminaires against the standard's requirements. These bodies issue certificates of compliance and marks of conformity if the products meet all the necessary criteria. Such certifications provide assurance to consumers that the luminaires they purchase are safe and reliable.


ASNZS 61347.1:2016 plays a vital role in ensuring the safety of luminaires used in various applications. By following the guidelines and requirements set out in the standard, manufacturers and suppliers can produce high-quality and safe products that meet industry standards. Consumers, on the other hand, can make informed decisions when selecting luminaires for their specific needs, knowing that compliance with this standard guarantees optimal performance and minimizes potential risks.



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