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What are 3 levels of product?

document.querySelector("p").inner = "Every product sold in the market consists of three levels: the core product, the actual product, and the augmented product.";

document.querySelectorAll("p")[1].inner = "1. The Core Product:";

document.querySelectorAll("p")[2].inner = "The core product represents the main benefits or services that a customer expects to receive from a product. It is the primary reason why a customer chooses a particular product over others. For example, when buying a laptop, the core product would be the ability to perform tasks efficiently and effectively.";

document.querySelectorAll("p")[3].inner = "2. The Actual Product:";

document.querySelectorAll("p")[4].inner = "The actual product refers to the tangible features and components of a product that customers can see, touch, feel, or experience directly. It includes aspects such as design, quality, packaging, brand name, and functionality. Using the laptop example, the actual product would include its physical appearance, screen size, keyboard, processor, and storage capacity.";

document.querySelectorAll("p")[5].inner = "3. The Augmented Product:";

document.querySelectorAll("p")[6].inner = "The augmented product encompasses additional services or benefits that enhance the overall ownership or usage experience for customers. These are not the core features but are added to provide extra value and differentiate the product from competitors. In the case of a laptop, the augmented product might include warranty, customer support, free software installations, or extended battery life.";



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