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What is IEC 60998-2-2:2018?

IEC 60998-2-2:2018, also known as the International Electrotechnical Commission Standard 60998-2-2:2018, is a technical standard that focuses on connector sets or interconnector sets for electrical installations. This standard provides guidelines and requirements for connectors used in household and similar electrical applications.

Importance of IEC 60998-2-2:2018

IEC 60998-2-2:2018 plays a crucial role in ensuring safety and compatibility in electrical installations. The standard establishes uniformity in connector designs, dimensions, mechanical properties, and electrical characteristics, allowing for proper and reliable connections between different electrical devices.

By complying with IEC 60998-2-2:2018, manufacturers can ensure that their connector products meet the necessary safety and performance requirements. This not only protects the end-users from potential hazards but also enables efficient and effective connections, reducing the risk of electrical malfunctions or failures.

Key Features and Requirements of IEC 60998-2-2:2018

The standard covers various aspects related to connector sets for electrical installations. Some key features and requirements outlined in IEC 60998-2-2:2018 include:

Classification of connector sets based on their intended use and application.

Requirements for insulation materials, ensuring adequate electrical and mechanical properties.

Design guidelines for connector dimensions, allowing for proper fit and compatibility.

Testing methods to assess the performance and reliability of connector sets.

Marking and labeling requirements to provide necessary information to users.


IEC 60998-2-2:2018 is an essential standard for connector sets used in electrical installations. By following this standard, manufacturers can ensure the safety, reliability, and compatibility of their products. Compliance with IEC 60998-2-2:2018 not only protects users from potential hazards but also promotes efficient electrical connections in various applications.

Understanding and adhering to the key features and requirements outlined in IEC 60998-2-2:2018 is crucial for electrical professionals, designers, and manufacturers dealing with connector sets. Embracing this standard contributes to better electrical installations, enhanced safety, and improved overall performance.



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