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What is ISO/IEC 25030: 2016 ?

What is ISO/IEC 25030: 2016 and ISO/IEC 25062: 2016?

ISO/IEC 25030: 2016 and ISO/IEC 25062: 2016 are two important standards that are widely recognized in the software development industry. These standards provide guidelines for software quality requirements and evaluation, and aim to improve the overall quality of software products.

ISO-IEC 25030: 2016 is a standard that focuses on software quality requirements and evaluation of software product quality. It provides guidelines for defining, evaluating, and specifying the functional and non-functional software product quality. The purpose of ISO-IEC 25030: 2016 is to help organizations ensure that their software products meet the desired quality standards and improve their reliability, usability, security, and overall performance.

ISO/IEC 25062: 2016, also known as the Common Industry Format (CIF), is a standard that provides guidelines for evaluating and reporting the usability of software products. It sets forth a comprehensive framework for conducting usability tests, collecting relevant data, and presenting the results in a standardized format. The purpose of ISO/IEC 25062: 2016 is to enable organizations to assess the user experience of their software products and make data-driven decisions to improve usability.

Both ISO-IEC 25030: 2016 and ISO/IEC 25062: 2016 are widely recognized standards that are used to ensure consistent and reliable software quality. By defining clear quality requirements and providing guidelines for software quality evaluation, these standards can help organizations improve the overall quality of their software products and provide a better user experience.



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