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What is EN ISO 4074:2015?

EN ISO 4074:2015 is a professional technical standard that provides specifications for natural rubber latex condoms. This international standard was developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the European Committee for Standardization (CEN). It covers various aspects of condom production, including design, physical properties, and testing methods.

Design and Physical Properties

The standard specifies requirements for the design and dimensions of condoms to ensure their effectiveness and safety. It includes parameters such as length, width, and thickness, as well as the shape and surface characteristics of the condom. These design specifications aim to achieve optimal fit, comfort, and reliability during use.

In addition to design, EN ISO 4074:2015 defines essential physical properties that condoms must possess. These properties include tensile strength, elongation at break, and burst properties. The standard also sets limits for defects such as holes, tears, and other structural abnormalities that could compromise the condom's integrity.

Quality Assurance and Testing Methods

EN ISO 4074:2015 establishes quality assurance requirements throughout the entire condom manufacturing process. It outlines procedures for sampling, inspection, and the testing of both raw materials and finished products. The standard ensures that manufacturers adhere to strict quality control measures, which contribute to the consistent production of condoms that meet the defined specifications.

Various testing methods are outlined in the standard to assess the performance and safety of condoms. These include tests for strength, leakage, and stability under various conditions. In particular, the standard emphasizes the need to test condoms for their ability to provide an effective barrier against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unintended pregnancies.

Global Impact and Importance

EN ISO 4074:2015 plays a crucial role in promoting the global quality and safety of condoms. By providing standardized requirements, it ensures that manufacturers produce condoms that meet international expectations. This standard is not only important for consumers' usage experience but also for public health initiatives worldwide.

Condoms meeting EN ISO 4074:2015 are relied upon globally by individuals, healthcare providers, government organizations, and non-profit entities working towards improving sexual health and preventing the spread of STIs. The standard's guidelines facilitate consistency, reliability, and effectiveness in condom use, contributing to the overall well-being and protection of individuals and communities.

In conclusion, EN ISO 4074:2015 is a significant technical standard that sets specifications for natural rubber latex condoms. It defines design, physical properties, quality assurance requirements, and testing methods. Implementing this standard supports manufacturers in producing reliable and high-quality condoms, ultimately contributing to global sexual health and safer practices.



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