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What is BS EN ISO 14644-1:2013?

BS EN ISO 14644-1:2013 is a widely recognized international standard that specifies the classification of air cleanliness in cleanrooms and controlled environments. Cleanrooms are essential for industries such as pharmaceutical, semiconductor, and aerospace, where even a small amount of contamination could have significant consequences.

The Importance of BS EN ISO 14644-1:2013

This standard plays a vital role in ensuring product quality, reliability, and safety. It sets requirements for airborne particles, which are measured in terms of their size and quantity per cubic meter. The standard establishes different classes to classify these environmental conditions. The lower the class number, the cleaner the room, with Class 1 being the most stringent.

Compliance with BS EN ISO 14644-1:2013 is crucial for companies seeking regulatory approval, as it demonstrates their commitment to maintaining the highest levels of air cleanliness. This standard provides a common language for manufacturers, suppliers, and customers to communicate and ensure consistent quality.

Key Elements of BS EN ISO 14644-1:2013

The standard covers several aspects that contribute to cleanroom classification. These include:

Particle concentration: The standard specifies the maximum allowable particle concentration for each class. For example, Class 5 can have no more than 3,520 particles of size 0.5μm or larger per cubic meter.

Airflow: Proper airflow patterns and velocities are crucial in maintaining cleanliness. The standard outlines guidelines for air supply, exhausts, and preventing the generation of turbulence.

Filter testing: Regular testing and validation of filters used in the cleanroom environment are essential. The standard provides guidance for filter efficiency testing and the appropriate methods for particle counting.

Cleanroom behavior: People working in cleanrooms need to be aware of their actions and how they can introduce contaminants. Proper gowning procedures, airlock usage, and appropriate equipment handling are addressed in the standard.


BS EN ISO 14644-1:2013 serves as a benchmark for quality management and contamination control in cleanrooms and controlled environments. Compliance with this standard ensures that manufacturing processes are carried out in an environment that minimizes the risk of particulate contamination, ultimately leading to improved product quality and customer satisfaction.



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