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What is IEC UL EN 62368

IEC UL EN 62368 is a standard that specifies the safety requirements for audio, video, and information technology equipment. It replaces the old standards IEC 60065 and IEC 60950 for these types of products.

Why is it important?

With the rapid development of technology, the convergence of audio, video, and information technology has become increasingly common. This means that traditional audio and video devices are now equipped with digital interfaces and network connectivity. As a result, there is a need for a unified safety standard to ensure the protection of users and prevent accidents caused by electrical, mechanical, and fire hazards.

Key features and requirements

The IEC UL EN 62368 standard introduces a risk-based approach to safety, focusing on the surrounding environment, foreseeable use, and potential hazards associated with the product. Some of the key features and requirements include:

Protection against electric shock: The standard defines different protective measures, such as reinforced insulation, grounding, and earthing, to prevent electric shock hazards.

Flammability requirements: Products must comply with specific flammability tests to reduce the risk of fire.

Mechanical hazards: The standard addresses potential dangers associated with moving parts, sharp edges, and other mechanical risks.

Energy hazards: Requirements are in place to prevent harm caused by excess heat, radiation, or other forms of energy.

Transition period and compliance

The transition from the old standards (IEC 60065 and IEC 60950) to IEC UL EN 62368 has been gradual to allow manufacturers and suppliers to adapt their production processes. The latest date for transition and full compliance with the new standard is December 20, 2020. It is important for manufacturers to ensure that their products meet the specified requirements to guarantee safety and avoid potential legal consequences.

In conclusion, IEC UL EN 62368 is a comprehensive safety standard that addresses the growing convergence of audio, video, and information technology equipment. Its risk-based approach and specific requirements aim to protect users from electrical, mechanical, and fire hazards. Manufacturers and suppliers need to familiarize themselves with the standard to ensure compliance and prioritize the safety of their products.



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