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What is BS EN ISO 14698:2012?


BS EN ISO 14698:2012 is a British Standard that specifies the requirements and guidance for monitoring bio-contamination control in cleanrooms and associated controlled environments. Cleanrooms are critical environments commonly used in industries such as pharmaceuticals, healthcare, electronics, and research facilities where even a tiny level of contamination can have severe consequences.

Scope and Objectives

This standard focuses on two aspects: bio-contamination and particle contamination control. It provides guidelines for establishing and maintaining appropriate controls to prevent or minimize the risk of microbial contamination in cleanrooms. The main objective is to ensure the safety and integrity of products, processes, and personnel working within these controlled environments.

Key Requirements and Recommendations

1. Risk Assessment: Before implementing BS EN ISO 14698:2012, it is crucial to conduct a comprehensive risk assessment to identify potential sources of contamination, assess their severity, and develop appropriate control measures.

2. Monitoring Program: The standard emphasizes the importance of implementing a robust monitoring program to regularly assess the microbial and particle levels in cleanrooms. This includes sampling techniques, frequency of sampling, and analyzing the collected samples appropriately.

3. Documentation and Records: Maintaining accurate and detailed documentation is essential to demonstrate compliance with the standard's requirements. This includes recording the monitoring results, actions taken to address any deviations, and periodic reviews of the implemented control measures.


In conclusion, BS EN ISO 14698:2012 plays a vital role in ensuring bio-contamination control in cleanrooms and other controlled environments. By following its guidelines, organizations can effectively minimize the risks associated with microbial contamination, ensuring product quality, process integrity, and personnel safety. Implementing this standard provides a solid foundation for maintaining a clean and controlled environment conducive to the industries that rely on such critical spaces.



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