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What is ISO/IEC 27057:2019?


ISO/IEC 27057:2019 is an international standard that provides guidelines and recommendations for conducting information security incident investigations. It specifies the requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining, and continually improving the Incident Investigation Process (IIP) within the context of the organization's overall information security management system (ISMS).

Key Components of ISO/IEC 27057:2019

The standard contains several key components that organizations need to consider when implementing the Incident Investigation Process:

1. Incident Identification and Reporting

The first step in the Incident Investigation Process is the identification and reporting of security incidents. This includes defining what constitutes a security incident, establishing clear reporting mechanisms, and ensuring that all incidents are recorded and documented properly.

2. Incident Handling and Response

Once an incident has been identified and reported, it needs to be handled and responded to promptly and effectively. ISO/IEC 27057:2019 provides guidelines on how to establish an incident response team, develop incident response procedures, and define roles and responsibilities within the team.

3. Root Cause Analysis and Lessons Learned

To prevent future incidents from occurring, it is essential to analyze the root causes of each incident and identify lessons learned. ISO/IEC 27057:2019 emphasizes the importance of conducting thorough root cause analysis and implementing corrective actions based on the findings.

4. Incident Closure and Follow-up

The last phase of the Incident Investigation Process involves the closure of the incident and the following-up on any outstanding issues or actions. ISO/IEC 27057:2019 recommends establishing a formal process for incident closure, including verifying that all necessary corrective actions have been implemented and evaluating the effectiveness of the overall incident response.

Benefits of Implementing ISO/IEC 27057:2019

Implementing ISO/IEC 27057:2019 brings several benefits to organizations:

- Improved incident management: The standard provides a structured framework for managing incidents, ensuring that they are handled consistently and effectively.

- Enhanced incident response: By following the guidelines outlined in the standard, organizations can develop robust incident response procedures and improve their ability to respond quickly and appropriately to security incidents.

- Increased knowledge and awareness: ISO/IEC 27057:2019 promotes the sharing of lessons learned from incident investigations, enabling organizations to enhance their knowledge and awareness of potential vulnerabilities and threats.

- Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements: Implementing the standard helps organizations meet legal and regulatory requirements related to information security incident management.


ISO/IEC 27057:2019 is a valuable resource for organizations looking to establish an effective Incident Investigation Process. By following its guidelines and recommendations, organizations can improve their incident management capabilities, enhance their incident response procedures, and strengthen their overall information security posture. Investing in incident investigation practices is crucial in today's digital landscape, where the threats and risks to information security continue to evolve.



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