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What is EN ISO 10360-12:2014?

EN ISO 10360-12:2014 is an international standard that specifies the acceptance and periodic re-verification testing of coordinate measuring machines (CMMs). CMMs are used in various industries to measure the physical geometrical characteristics of objects with high accuracy. The standard ensures that CMMs meet certain performance requirements, providing confidence in their measurement results.

Importance of EN ISO 10360-12:2014

Accurate measurements are essential in many fields, such as manufacturing, engineering, and quality control. Any discrepancies or errors in measurement data can lead to faulty products or unreliable processes. EN ISO 10360-12:2014 helps to ensure that CMMs produce reliable and consistent measurement results, which are crucial for making informed decisions and maintaining quality standards.

Compliance with EN ISO 10360-12:2014

To comply with EN ISO 10360-12:2014, CMMs need to undergo acceptance and periodic re-verification tests. Acceptance tests are performed when a new CMM is installed or after significant changes have been made to an existing CMM. These tests verify that the machine meets the specified performance requirements. Periodic re-verification tests are conducted at regular intervals to ensure continued compliance and accuracy of the CMM.

Benefits of EN ISO 10360-12:2014 Compliance

Compliance with EN ISO 10360-12:2014 offers several benefits. Firstly, it ensures that CMMs provide accurate and reliable measurement data, reducing the risk of producing defective products or faulty components. It also improves the overall efficiency and effectiveness of quality control processes by minimizing measurement errors and variations. Additionally, compliance with the standard enhances the reputation and credibility of organizations that use CMMs, as it demonstrates their commitment to quality and precision.



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