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What is EN ISO 10303-37:2018?

EN ISO 10303-37:2018 is a technical standard that focuses on industry-specific data exchange protocols. It provides a standardized framework for the representation of product data along the entire product lifecycle.

Key Features of EN ISO 10303-37:2018

The standard encompasses various features that enable efficient and reliable information exchange between different software systems used in the manufacturing industry. These include:

Data Interoperability: EN ISO 10303-37:2018 ensures interoperability by defining a common data model, ensuring consistent representation of product data across various applications.

Data Exchange Protocols: The standard specifies protocols for exchanging data between different software applications, enabling seamless collaboration and integration within the manufacturing ecosystem.

Product Lifecycle Support: EN ISO 10303-37:2018 covers the entire product lifecycle from design to disposal, facilitating effective communication and data exchange at each stage.

Model-Based Approach: The standard promotes a model-based approach, where product information is represented using standardized models, allowing for improved understanding and analysis of complex product structures.

Benefits and Impact of EN ISO 10303-37:2018

EN ISO 10303-37:2018 brings several benefits to the manufacturing industry:

Improved Collaboration: By providing a standardized format for data exchange, different stakeholders can collaborate more effectively, leading to streamlined processes and reduced errors.

Efficient Data Integration: The standard enables seamless integration of data across various applications and systems, eliminating the need for manual data entry or conversion.

Reduced Costs: With increased interoperability and improved communication, companies can reduce costs associated with data exchange, rework, and inconsistencies.

Enhanced Product Quality: A more precise and consistent representation of product data supports better decision-making, resulting in higher product quality and customer satisfaction.


EN ISO 10303-37:2018 is an essential standard in the manufacturing industry as it enables seamless data exchange, collaboration, and integration between different software systems. By adopting this standard, companies can achieve improved efficiency, reduced costs, and enhanced product quality. Embracing EN ISO 10303-37:2018 unlocks the full potential of digitalization in the manufacturing industry, driving innovation and growth.



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