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What is EN ISO 27320:2014


ISO 27320:2014 is an international standard that provides guidelines for the use of environmental management systems (EMS) in organizations. It outlines the requirements and best practices for implementing an EMS, helping businesses reduce their environmental impact and improve sustainability.

Key Features of EN ISO 27320:2014

The standard emphasizes the importance of identifying and managing environmental aspects and impacts, including those related to energy consumption, emissions, waste management, and resource use. It highlights the need for organizations to establish objectives and targets, develop action plans, and regularly monitor and review their performance.

Furthermore, EN ISO 27320:2014 promotes the concept of continual improvement, encouraging organizations to continuously assess and enhance their environmental performance. It emphasizes the importance of employee engagement, training, and awareness in achieving sustainable operations.

Benefits of Implementing EN ISO 27320:2014

By adopting this standard, organizations can reap several benefits. First and foremost, it helps them minimize their environmental footprint, leading to cost savings and improved efficiency. It enables businesses to comply with legal and regulatory requirements while enhancing their reputation as environmentally responsible entities.

In addition, implementing EN ISO 27320:2014 fosters a culture of innovation and creativity within organizations. By prioritizing environmental protection and sustainable practices, companies are encouraged to develop new technologies, products, and processes that are eco-friendly and resource-efficient.

Moreover, this standard facilitates better communication and collaboration between different stakeholders, such as employees, customers, suppliers, and community members. It enables organizations to build trust, demonstrate transparency, and engage in dialogue regarding environmental concerns.


EN ISO 27320:2014 is a comprehensive standard that guides organizations in establishing effective environmental management systems. It provides a structured framework for addressing sustainability issues and enables businesses to achieve environmental objectives while improving overall performance.

By implementing this standard, organizations can enhance their reputation, reduce operational costs, comply with regulations, and contribute to a healthier planet. It is a valuable tool for any organization committed to sustainable development and responsible environmental stewardship.



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