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What is ISO-TS 28002:2011?

ISO-TS 28002:2011 is an International Organization for Standardization (ISO) technical specification that provides guidelines for the implementation of supply chain security management systems in the transportation and logistics sectors. It aims to ensure the integrity and security of goods during transport, thereby minimizing the risk of tampering, theft, or other malicious activities.

Benefits of ISO-TS 28002:2011

The implementation of ISO-TS 28002:2011 brings several advantages to organizations. Firstly, it helps enhance supply chain security by establishing a systematic approach to identify and manage potential risks throughout the transportation process. This standard ensures that adequate security measures are in place to protect goods from any unauthorized access or loss.

Secondly, being ISO-TS 28002:2011 certified demonstrates an organization's commitment to supply chain security and provides a competitive edge in the market. Customers, partners, and stakeholders can have confidence in the company's ability to safeguard their products during transit, thereby fostering trust and long-term relationships.

Thirdly, this standard encourages continuous improvement by promoting risk assessment, regular monitoring, and evaluation of security controls. By implementing ISO-TS 28002:2011, organizations can identify areas where security can be further strengthened, leading to better protection against threats and vulnerabilities.

Implementing ISO-TS 28002:2011

The implementation of ISO-TS 28002:2011 involves several key steps. Organizations should first conduct a comprehensive risk assessment to identify potential security risks and vulnerabilities. Based on the findings, appropriate security measures should be developed and implemented to minimize these risks.

It is crucial to establish clear communication and collaboration channels with all stakeholders involved in the supply chain, including suppliers, customers, transporters, and regulatory authorities. This ensures a coordinated approach towards implementing security measures and information sharing to address potential risks.

Regular training and awareness programs should be conducted to educate employees about the importance of supply chain security and their roles in maintaining it. This helps ensure that everyone understands their responsibilities and follows the specified procedures and protocols.


ISO-TS 28002:2011 is a valuable tool for organizations operating in the transportation and logistics sectors to strengthen their supply chain security. By implementing this standard, companies can enhance the protection of their goods during transit, gain a competitive advantage, and continuously improve their security practices. It is essential for organizations to understand the standard's requirements, conduct thorough risk assessments, and collaborate with all stakeholders to achieve effective implementation and compliance.



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