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ISO-IEC 81060-2:2016

ISO-IEC 81060-2:2016 is an international standard that defines the requirements and guidelines for writing professional technical articles. This standard provides a framework to ensure consistency and quality in technical communication across various industries.

Importance of ISO-IEC 81060-2:2016 for Technical Writers

Technical writing plays a crucial role in conveying complex information to a target audience effectively. With the help of ISO-IEC 81060-2:2016, technical writers can adhere to a set of best practices that enhance clarity, readability, and understanding of their articles. This standard addresses key aspects such as structure, vocabulary, references, formatting, and style that are essential for presenting technical content in a professional manner.

Key Components of ISO-IEC 81060-2:2016

ISO-IEC 81060-2:2016 covers several important components that contribute to. These include:

Structure: The standard provides guidelines on organizing the content into logical sections such as introduction, body, and conclusion. Each section serves a specific purpose and follows a defined structure.

Vocabulary: Consistent use of appropriate terminology is vital. ISO-IEC 81060-2:2016 emphasizes the significance of establishing a clear and concise vocabulary and using it consistently throughout the article.

References: Proper referencing of external sources is important for maintaining credibility and providing further reading material. The standard outlines the recommended methods for citing references within technical articles.

Formatting: Consistent formatting ensures that the article is visually appealing and easy to read. ISO-IEC 81060-2:2016 advises on aspects like font selection, headings, lists, tables, and figures to standardize the formatting of technical articles.

Style: Writing style influences how information is presented and perceived. The standard defines guidelines for clarity, conciseness, and objectivity, helping writers provide information in a logical and accessible manner.

Benefits of Following ISO-IEC 81060-2:2016 Guidelines

Adopting the guidelines outlined in ISO-IEC 81060-2:2016 brings several benefits to both technical writers and their readers:

Improved Clarity: Consistent structure, vocabulary, and formatting make technical articles easier to understand, enhancing clarity and reducing ambiguity.

Enhanced Credibility: Adhering to established standards instills confidence in readers, establishing the writer as a knowledgeable and reliable source of information.

Better Accessibility: Well-structured articles with clear language and formatting are more accessible to a wider range of readers, including those with limited technical knowledge or disabilities.

Efficient Communication: Following established guidelines enables writers to convey complex information more efficiently, saving time for both writer and reader.

In conclusion, ISO-IEC 81060-2:2016 provides technical writers with a comprehensive framework to produce professional and consistent articles. By incorporating the guidelines outlined in this international standard, writers can effectively communicate complex technical information, enhancing clarity, readability, and overall quality of their articles.



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