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What is EN ISO 12100:182021?


The EN ISO 12100:182021 is an important technical standard that pertains to machinery safety. It provides guidelines and requirements for the design and construction of machinery, with the goal of reducing the risk of hazards during the use, maintenance, and disposal of machinery. This article aims to provide a thorough understanding of EN ISO 12100:182021 and its significance in ensuring workplace safety.

Key Components of EN ISO 12100:182021

EN ISO 12100:182021 consists of several key components that form the basis for ensuring machinery safety:

Scope: The standard defines the scope of its application, specifying the types of machinery and associated hazards it covers.

Risk Assessment: It emphasizes the importance of conducting a comprehensive risk assessment during the design and construction phases of machinery. This involves identifying and evaluating potential hazards and implementing adequate measures to mitigate risks.

Protective Measures: The standard outlines various protective measures that should be integrated into machinery, such as guards, interlocks, and emergency stop systems. These measures aim to prevent or reduce the severity of accidents.

Information for Use: EN ISO 12100:182021 highlights the significance of providing clear and concise instructions and warnings to operators, enabling them to use the machinery safely and effectively.

Error/Malfunction Prevention: It stresses the importance of designing machinery in a way that minimizes the possibility of errors or malfunctions, which could potentially lead to accidents or injuries.

Implementation and Compliance

Implementing and complying with EN ISO 12100:182021 is essential for manufacturers, as it ensures conformity to the highest safety standards. Compliance involves following the guidelines laid out in the standard during every phase of machinery design, construction, and operation. Manufacturers must conduct thorough risk assessments, incorporate appropriate protective measures, and provide comprehensive information for use.

In addition to ensuring safety, compliance with EN ISO 12100:182021 also offers other benefits. It helps enhance product quality, increases customer trust, reduces liability risks, and promotes a culture of safety and well-being within the organization.


EN ISO 12100:182021 plays a vital role in setting safety standards for machinery. By incorporating its guidelines into the design, construction, and operation of machinery, manufacturers can significantly reduce the risk of accidents and potential injuries in the workplace. Compliance with this standard not only prioritizes the safety of workers but also contributes to improved product quality and increased customer confidence. As the demand for safer working environments continues to grow, adherence to EN ISO 12100:182021 remains crucial in achieving workplace safety and well-being.



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