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What is EN 55020-2018?


In the world of electronics and telecommunications, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is a crucial aspect to consider. EMC refers to the ability of electronic devices to function properly in their intended environment without causing interference to other devices. To ensure that electronic products meet EMC standards and do not interfere with each other, international standards have been established. One such standard is EN55020-2018, which outlines the requirements for the immunity of audio, video, audiovisual, and entertainment lighting control products to electromagnetic disturbance.

Key Requirements of EN55020-2018

EN55020-2018 sets out the requirements for various types of audio, video, audiovisual, and entertainment lighting control products to ensure their immunity to electromagnetic disturbances. The standard specifies limits for conducted and radiated disturbances, as well as minimum performance levels for immunity testing of these products. It covers a wide range of equipment, including amplifiers, mixers, microphones, loudspeakers, televisions, projectors, audio and video recorders and players, and lighting control systems.

Testing Methods and Procedures

To determine compliance with EN55020-2018, thorough testing procedures are required. These tests assess the ability of the product to withstand both conducted and radiated disturbances. Conducted disturbances are measured via power supply lines, while radiated disturbances are measured through radiation emissions. The test methods involve the use of specific equipment, such as signal generators, antennas, and spectrum analyzers. Products must meet the specified limits for immunity levels in order to comply with the standard.

Benefits of Compliance

Compliance with EN55020-2018 ensures that audio, video, audiovisual, and entertainment lighting control products are designed and manufactured to withstand electromagnetic disturbances. By following the standard, companies can enhance the performance and reliability of their products, reduce the risk of interference, and increase customer satisfaction. Additionally, compliance allows products to be sold in international markets, as adherence to established EMC standards is often a requirement for market access.



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