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What is EN 60335-2-102:2020?

EN 60335-2-102:2020 is a technical standard published by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). It specifies the safety requirements for gas, oil, and solid-fuel burning appliances. This standard is applicable to appliances used in both residential and commercial settings.


The safety of appliances that burn gas, oil, or solid fuels is of utmost importance. These appliances are commonly used for heating, cooking, and other purposes in households and various industries. Due to the potential hazards associated with fuel-burning appliances, it is necessary to establish stringent safety requirements to ensure their safe operation.

Main Requirements of EN 60335-2-102:2020

The standard EN 60335-2-102:2020 covers a wide range of requirements to ensure the safety of gas, oil, and solid-fuel burning appliances. Some of the key requirements include:

Protection against mechanical hazards: The standard specifies measures to prevent contact with moving parts, sharp edges, and hot surfaces.

Ventilation and combustion air supply: Adequate ventilation and correct air supply are essential for the safe operation of fuel-burning appliances. The standard sets out requirements for ventilation openings, ducts, and combustion air supply systems.

Electrical safety: As these appliances often have electrical components, the standard includes provisions for electrical safety. This includes requirements for insulation, grounding, and protection against electric shock.

Control and safety devices: EN 60335-2-102:2020 mandates the presence of appropriate control and safety devices to prevent overpressure, flame failure, and other hazards.

Compliance and Certification

To ensure that gas, oil, and solid-fuel burning appliances meet the requirements of EN 60335-2-102:2020, manufacturers need to subject their products to testing by certified laboratories. If an appliance conforms to the standard's safety requirements, it can be marked with the appropriate compliance markings and certifications, indicating that it is safe for use.

In conclusion, EN 60335-2-102:2020 plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety of gas, oil, and solid-fuel burning appliances. By complying with this standard, manufacturers can provide consumers with appliances that have gone through rigorous testing to meet safety requirements. As consumers, it is important to look for the compliance marks and certifications when purchasing such appliances to ensure their safety.



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