B22 Go Gauge for Caps on Finished Lamps,7006-11-8

Include ISO 17025 CNAS & ILAC Test Report
Item No.: 7006-11-8
Made in China
Product description: Go gauges for caps on finished lamps BA9, B15, BA15 & B22, 7006-11-8. According to standard IEC 60061-3

According to standard iec 60061-3


To check dimensions A max., N min. D1 min., D1 max., and the diametrical position of the pins of caps B22 on finished lamps.


The cap shall enter the gauge until the pins have passed through the slot Q. The cap is then turned through a small angle and is pressed so that the pins are in close contact with surface S.

In this position, the contact making surface shall not be below surface X nor shall it project beyond surface Z.




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