B15 Lamp Cap Gauge

Include ISO 17025 CNAS & ILAC Test Report
Item No.: LX-B15
Made in China
Product description: B15 Lamp Cap Gauge According to IEC60061

B15 Lamp Cap Gauge Include:

1) IEC60061-3 7006-11-8 B15 go gauges for Caps on Finished Lamps;

2) IEC60061-3 7006-10-8 B15 No Go Gauges for Caps on Finished Lamps;

3) IEC60061-3 7006-4A-2 B15d Gauges for Testing the Insertion of Caps in Lampholders;

4) IEC60061-3 7006-4B-1 Gauge for Testing the Retention of B15d Caps in the Holder.



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