7006-28A-1 No Go Gauge for E27 Caps on Finished Lamps IEC60061-3

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Item No.: 7006-28A-1
Made in China
Product description: IEC60061-3: 7006-28A-1 No Go Gauge for E27 Caps on Finished Lamps. According to standard IEC 60061-3.

IEC60061-3: 7006-28A-1 No go gauge for E27 Caps on Finished Lamps

To check the minimum outside (major) diameter of the screw thread, dimension "d" of E27 caps on finished lamps shown on sheet 7006-21.

When the gauge is placed over the thread of the cap on a finished lamp, held cap uppermost, the centre contact shall not project beyond surface "X".

Only the weight of the gauge itself shall be used in the test.




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