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How do I get IATF certified?

The International Automotive Task Force (IATF) certification is a globally recognized standard for quality management systems in the automotive industry. The certification is based on the ISO/TS 16949 and was developed by leading automotive manufacturers.

Understanding the IATF certification process

Before you start the certification process, it is crucial to understand the requirements and steps involved. The IATF certification process includes the following key stages:

Preparation: Assess your current quality management system against the IATF requirements and identify any gaps that need to be addressed.

Documentation: Develop and document a quality management system that complies with the IATF requirements. This includes a quality manual, procedures, work instructions, and records.

Implementation: Implement the quality management system throughout your organization. Train employees, assign responsibilities, and establish effective processes.

Audit: Conduct an internal audit to verify the effectiveness and compliance of your quality management system. Make any necessary improvements or corrective actions.

Certification: Schedule an external audit with an IATF-certified certification body. They will assess your quality management system and, if compliant, grant you the IATF certification.

Benefits of IATF certification

IATF certification offers numerous benefits for automotive companies:

Enhanced market reputation: Being IATF certified demonstrates your commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, enhancing your reputation in the market.

Access to global markets: Many automakers require their suppliers to be IATF certified. Obtaining the certification opens up opportunities for collaboration and expansion.

Improved processes: Implementing IATF requirements helps streamline your operations, improve efficiency, and reduce non-conformities and customer complaints.

Continual improvement: With regular audits and assessments, IATF certification encourages continuous improvement, ensuring your organization stays up-to-date with industry best practices.


Obtaining IATF certification is a significant achievement for automotive companies. It requires thorough preparation, implementation, and adherence to the IATF requirements. The benefits of certification go beyond meeting customer expectations to improving overall organizational performance.

If you are looking to enhance your business in the automotive industry, pursuing IATF certification is highly recommended.



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