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What is BS EN 16799-2:2020?

BS EN 16799-2:2020 is a technical standard that provides guidelines for the energy performance of buildings. It was developed by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) and aims to promote energy efficiency and sustainability in the built environment. This standard sets out the principles, requirements, and methods for calculating and presenting energy consumption indicators for both new and existing buildings.

Key Requirements of BS EN 16799-2:2020

One of the key requirements of BS EN 16799-2:2020 is the need for building energy assessments. These assessments involve an analysis of a building's energy consumption, energy systems, and energy-related assets. They help identify areas for improvement and provide recommendations for optimizing energy efficiency. The standard also emphasizes the importance of monitoring and benchmarking energy performance over time, as well as the use of validated energy assessment tools and methodologies.

Benefits and Applications

BS EN 16799-2:2020 offers several benefits and can be applied in various contexts. Firstly, it helps building owners and managers better understand their energy consumption patterns and make informed decisions about energy-saving measures. By implementing the standard's recommendations, buildings can potentially reduce energy costs and environmental impact.

This standard is also valuable for policymakers and regulators as it supports the development of energy-efficient building codes and regulations. It provides a benchmark for measuring progress towards national and international energy efficiency targets.


BS EN 16799-2:2020 plays a crucial role in promoting energy efficiency and sustainability in the built environment. By providing guidelines for building energy assessments and supporting the measurement of energy consumption indicators, this standard helps drive the adoption of energy-saving measures in both new and existing buildings. It offers benefits to building owners, policymakers, and the environment as a whole. By complying with the requirements of BS EN 16799-2:2020, stakeholders can contribute to a more sustainable future.



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