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What is BS EN 1680:2020?

BS EN 1680:2020 is a technical standard that sets requirements for safety barriers used to prevent unauthorized access to hazardous areas. Safety barriers play a crucial role in protecting workers and the general public from potential dangers in various industries such as construction, manufacturing, and energy. The standard provides guidelines for the design, testing, and performance of these barriers to ensure their effectiveness and reliability.

The Importance of safety barriers

Safety barriers are essential to maintain a safe working environment. They act as physical barriers that restrict access to dangerous areas and help prevent accidents or injuries. By clearly defining restricted zones, safety barriers reduce the risk of unauthorized personnel entering hazardous areas.

Apart from protecting individuals, safety barriers also serve to safeguard valuable equipment and property. In many cases, unauthorized access to sensitive machinery or materials can lead to significant financial losses. Safety barriers act as a deterrent and provide an additional layer of security against theft or vandalism.

Requirements of BS EN 1680:2020

BS EN 1680:2020 specifies the minimum requirements for safety barriers. These requirements cover aspects such as material composition, dimensions, strength, durability, and functionality. The standard ensures that safety barriers are designed to withstand impact, extreme weather conditions, and other potential hazards in the operating environment.

One of the key aspects of BS EN 1680:2020 is testing. The standard outlines the procedures and criteria for testing safety barriers to measure their performance and compliance with the specified requirements. This includes tests for structural integrity, load-bearing capacity, resistance to impact, and other relevant factors.

Selecting compliant safety barriers

When selecting safety barriers for your organization, it is vital to consider compliance with BS EN 1680:2020. Compliant barriers provide assurance of quality and adherence to industry standards.

Look for suppliers and manufacturers that can demonstrate their compliance with the standard and provide relevant certifications or test reports. Additionally, consider factors such as the intended application, ease of installation, and any specific requirements unique to your industry or working environment.

By choosing safety barriers that meet the requirements of BS EN 1680:2020, you can enhance workplace safety, mitigate risks, and ensure regulatory compliance.



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