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What is 62368 class of equipment?

The 62368 class of equipment, also known as the IEC 62368 standard, is a safety standard that applies to audio/video, information, and communication technology equipment.


The IEC 62368 standard was first introduced in 2014, amalgamating two different standards: IEC 60950 (for IT equipment) and IEC 60065 (for audio/video equipment). This new standard ensures safety requirements for all kinds of technology equipment, from laptops and smartphones to televisions and home theater systems.

Highlights of the Standard

The IEC 62368 standard focuses on three key aspects: safety objectives, hazard-based approach, and performance criteria. Safety objectives encompass electric shock, energy hazards, fire hazards, mechanical hazards, and radiation hazards.

The hazard-based approach emphasizes identifying potential risks to human health during both normal operation and foreseeable misuse of the equipment. It requires equipment manufacturers to analyze hazards, evaluate risks, and design appropriate safeguards to minimize these risks.

The standard's performance criteria ensure that equipment meets essential safety requirements. Manufacturers need to provide evidence of compliance with various tests and assessments, such as insulation resistance, temperature rise, abnormal operation, and protection against electric shock.

Benefits and Global Adoption

The adoption of the IEC 62368 standard brings several benefits. First, it provides a unified safety standard for multiple types of technology equipment. This harmonization simplifies regulatory compliance for manufacturers that produce various electronic products.

Second, the hazard-based approach promotes rigorous risk assessment and mitigation, resulting in enhanced safety levels for end-users. By addressing potential hazards upfront, the likelihood of accidents and injuries is significantly reduced.

This safety standard has seen widespread global adoption. Many countries, including the European Union, the United States, Canada, Japan, and Australia, have mandated compliance with the IEC 62368 standard for technology equipment. Compliance is required for product certifications, allowing manufacturers to access international markets.

To conclude, the 62368 class of equipment, defined by the IEC 62368 standard, ensures the safety of audio/video, information, and communication technology equipment. Its hazard-based approach and performance criteria promote rigorous risk assessment and mitigation, granting manufacturers and end-users confidence in the safety of electronic products. The wide global adoption of this standard testifies to its significance in today's technology-driven world.



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