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What is ISO 12606:2010

ISO 12606:2010 is a standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) that defines a comprehensive model for managing and exchanging terminology information. It provides guidelines and principles for creating, managing, and using terminological resources, as well as for representing and exchanging terminological data.

Terminology Management

Terminology management is vital in various fields such as translation, localization, and technical writing. It ensures consistency and accuracy in the use of terms across different languages, domains, and applications. Effective terminology management facilitates efficient communication and knowledge sharing, minimizes ambiguity and misunderstandings, and improves overall quality and productivity.

Key Features and Benefits

ISO 12606:2010 offers a range of key features and benefits that contribute to effective terminology management:

Conceptual Framework: The standard provides a conceptual framework that helps organizations establish a consistent terminological foundation. It defines key concepts, relationships, and processes involved in terminology work.

Terminology Extraction: ISO 12606:2010 offers guidance on terminology extraction methods and tools. It assists in identifying and extracting relevant terms from various sources, enabling the creation of accurate and comprehensive terminological resources.

Terminology Exchange: The standard defines XML-based markup language specifications for representing and exchanging terminological data. This ensures compatibility and interoperability between different terminological systems and applications.

Quality Assurance: ISO 12606:2010 emphasizes the importance of quality assurance in terminology work. It provides guidelines for verifying and validating terminological resources and ensures their reliability and usability.


ISO 12606:2010 is a valuable standard that plays a crucial role in facilitating effective terminology management. By following its guidelines and principles, organizations can establish consistent terminological practices, improve communication and knowledge sharing, and enhance overall quality and productivity. Implementing ISO 12606:2010 enables smooth coordination and collaboration among different language professionals, domain experts, and technical writers, leading to better understanding and accuracy in the use of terms.



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