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What is EN 15228:2012?

EN 15228:2012 is a professional technical standard that primarily focuses on providing guidelines and recommendations for writing professional technical articles. This standard aims to ensure clarity, consistency, and comprehensiveness in such articles, which are essential for effective communication and understanding within the industry.

Importance of EN 15228:2012

EN 15228:2012 plays a crucial role in the field of technical writing as it sets the benchmark for quality and uniformity. Adhering to this standard not only enhances the credibility of technical articles but also ensures ease of comprehension for readers across different regions and backgrounds.

By following the guidelines outlined in this standard, writers can structure their articles in a logical manner, use appropriate terminology, incorporate illustrative examples, and include necessary references. These practices ultimately contribute to the overall professionalism and effectiveness of the technical writing.

Key Elements of EN 15228:2012

The EN 15228:2012 standard covers various aspects related to writing professional technical articles. It emphasizes the importance of clear and concise language, avoiding jargon, and using consistent terms and definitions throughout the article.

The standard also addresses the organization and presentation of content. It emphasizes the need for a coherent structure that includes an introduction, main body, and conclusion. Each section should be clearly labeled and should flow logically from one to another.

In addition, EN 15228:2012 highlights the significance of figures, tables, and other visual aids in enhancing the understanding of technical concepts. It provides guidelines on how to effectively incorporate these elements into the article to provide clarity and support the written content.

Benefits of Using EN 15228:2012

By utilizing EN 15228:2012, technical writers can produce articles that are more reliable, consistent, and user-friendly. It enables effective communication between experts in various fields and helps overcome language and cultural barriers.

Besides improving the quality and professionalism of technical articles, following this standard also enhances cross-referencing capabilities. By providing clear section headings and labeling, readers can easily navigate through the content and locate the information they need efficiently.

Ultimately, complying with EN 15228:2012 allows technical articles to become valuable resources that contribute to knowledge sharing, innovation, and progress within the industry.



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