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What is BS EN 16788:2020?

BS EN 16788:2020 is a technical standard that provides guidelines for writing thorough and precise technical articles. It offers a comprehensive framework for authors to effectively communicate complex information in a clear and concise manner. The standard covers various aspects of technical writing, including structure, content, language usage, and citation guidelines.

Importance of BS EN 16788:2020

In today's knowledge-driven world, conveying technical information accurately is crucial. BS EN 16788:2020 plays a significant role in ensuring effective communication within the technical community by setting standards for clarity, consistency, and reliability. Adhering to this standard enhances the reader's understanding and enables seamless knowledge transfer, contributing to improved collaboration and problem-solving.

Key Guidelines of BS EN 16788:2020

1. Structure: The standard emphasizes a logical and organized structure for technical articles, encompassing clear headings, subheadings, and an introduction-conclusion framework. This facilitates easy navigation and comprehension for readers.

2. Content: BS EN 16788:2020 encourages authors to provide accurate and relevant information, supported by appropriate data, evidence, and examples. It stresses the importance of balancing technical depth with a reader-friendly approach to cater to both experts and non-experts.

3. Language Usage: The standard promotes the use of plain language to eliminate ambiguity and improve readability. Authors are encouraged to avoid jargon, define technical terms, and provide contextual explanations where necessary. Additionally, consistent terminology usage is vital for precision.

4. Citation Guidelines: BS EN 16788:2020 outlines proper citation practices to ensure transparency and traceability of information sources. Authors are required to provide accurate references for all cited works, helping readers verify and explore further.


BS EN 16788:2020 is an invaluable resource for technical writers, providing a set of guidelines that promote clarity, accuracy, and consistency in technical articles. By following these standards, authors can effectively communicate complex information, enhance knowledge transfer, and foster collaboration within the technical community.



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