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What is EN ISO 27270-2011:


The standard EN ISO 27270-2011 is an important technical document that outlines the requirements and guidelines for writing effective and comprehensive technical articles. This standard provides a framework for authors to follow when developing technical content, ensuring clarity, accuracy, and consistency in their work.

Key Elements of EN ISO 27270-2011

In order to write a thorough technical article, it is crucial to understand and implement the key elements outlined in EN ISO 27270-2011. The standard covers various aspects such as document structure, language usage, formatting, and citation guidelines, all of which contribute to the overall quality and credibility of the article.

Document Structure

EN ISO 27270-2011 emphasizes the importance of organizing the technical article in a logical and coherent manner. It recommends a clear and concise introduction to provide an of the topic, followed by well-structured sections that delve deeper into different aspects. Each section should have a meaningful heading to guide the readers and facilitate easy navigation through the article.

The standard also suggests including appropriate subsections to further categorize the content and aid comprehension. These subsections can be numbered or titled based on the specific requirements of the subject matter. Additionally, EN ISO 27270-2011 highlights the significance of concluding the article with a summary or conclusion section, summarizing the key points discussed throughout the article.

Language Usage and Formatting

A good technical article should use clear and concise language to effectively convey the intended message. EN ISO 27270-2011 encourages authors to avoid jargon, acronyms, and complex terms that might confuse the readers. Instead, it recommends using simple and coherent sentences, maintaining an active voice, and providing appropriate explanations for technical terms when necessary.

In terms of formatting, the standard suggests using headings, subheadings, bullet points, and numbered lists to enhance readability and organization. It also emphasizes the importance of consistent font styles and sizes throughout the article, as well as proper use of italics or bold text for emphasis or highlighting key points.

Citation Guidelines

EN ISO 27270-2011 stresses the significance of citing relevant sources and providing accurate references within the technical article. Authors should include in-text citations whenever external information or research is used to support their claims or arguments. The standard also provides guidelines on how to format the references section, ensuring uniformity and adherence to recognized citation formats such as APA or MLA.

By following the guidelines set forth in EN ISO 27270-2011, authors can create technical articles that are comprehensive, well-structured, and easily understandable. This standard serves as a valuable resource for both experienced and novice writers, ensuring that technical content is of high quality and meets the expectations of readers and industry professionals.



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