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What is bs7188 and EN 1177?

When it comes to understanding industry standards and regulations, it's essential to have a thorough knowledge of specific codes and standards. Two such standards that are crucial for certain sectors are bs7188 and EN 1177. In this article, we will explore what these two standards are, their significance, and how they impact various industries.

Understanding bs7188

Bs7188 is a British Standard that provides guidance on the design, construction, and maintenance of amusement park rides and attractions. The standard covers a wide range of aspects relating to the safety, integrity, and operational requirements of these rides. It aims to ensure that amusement parks provide safe and enjoyable experiences for visitors while minimizing the risks associated with these attractions.

The bs7188 standard encompasses diverse elements related to amusement park rides. It addresses crucial areas like structural and mechanical designs, safety factors, electrical installations, control systems, and the testing procedures necessary to validate ride safety. Compliance with bs7188 is vital for both the initial certification and subsequent annual inspections of amusement park rides.

Exploring EN 1177

EN 1177 is a European Standard that lays down guidelines for the selection, installation, and maintenance of impact-absorbing playground surfacing. It focuses primarily on reducing the risk of injury from falls in playgrounds and other play areas. The standard provides detailed recommendations for the depth, type, and quality of surface materials used in these areas to ensure maximum safety.

This standard is centered around impact attenuation. It ensures that the surface under playground equipment can absorb the impact energy of a fall and reduce the chance of severe injuries. EN 1177 covers various types of playground surfacing, including loose-fill materials like sand and wood chips, as well as synthetic surfaces like rubber tiles and artificial grass. By complying with EN 1177, playground owners can create safer environments for children to play in.

Relevance and Impact

Both bs7188 and EN 1177 play vital roles in their respective industries. Bs7188 ensures that amusement park rides meet stringent safety standards, protecting visitors from accidents and mechanical failures. Regular inspections and compliance with this standard help to detect potential issues and address them promptly, maintaining a high level of safety within amusement parks.

EN 1177 is crucial in minimizing the risk of injuries caused by falls in playgrounds. It provides clear guidelines for choosing appropriate surfacing materials, helping to prevent severe injuries when children accidentally fall from equipment. Compliance with this standard not only protects children but also contributes to the overall reputation and credibility of playground owners and operators.

In conclusion, bs7188 and EN 1177 are essential standards that ensure safety and reduce risks in amusement parks and playgrounds respectively. By closely adhering to these standards, industry professionals can create safer and more enjoyable experiences for visitors and protect the well-being of those using these facilities.



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