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What is IEC mark?

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) mark is a conformity assessment symbol used for electrical and electronic products. It indicates that the product has met the safety and performance requirements set by the IEC, which is an international standardization organization.

Importance of the IEC mark

The IEC mark plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and quality of electrical and electronic products. For manufacturers, having the mark on their products demonstrates compliance with international standards, making it easier to market and sell their products globally. For consumers, the mark provides assurance that the product they are purchasing meets specific safety and performance requirements.

How is the IEC mark obtained?

In order to obtain the IEC mark, manufacturers need to undergo a series of testing and evaluation processes. These processes may include product testing, factory inspections, and quality management system audits. The IEC mark is only issued if the product successfully meets all the necessary requirements.

Different types of IEC marks

There are different types of IEC marks, each indicating compliance with specific standards. Some commonly seen marks include the IEC 60335 mark for household appliances, the IEC 60950 mark for information technology equipment, and the IEC 60065 mark for audio/video electronics. These marks serve as a quick reference for consumers and authorities to identify the type of product and associated safety standards.



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