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What is BS EN 1177:2008?

In the world of playground safety, BS EN 1177:2008 is a crucial standard that ensures the safety and well-being of children. This technical article aims to explain BS EN 1177:2008 in a simple and easy-to-understand manner.

The Purpose of BS EN 1177:2008

BS EN 1177:2008 is a European standard that specifically addresses safety requirements for playground surfacing and impact attenuation. Its main purpose is to prevent or minimize injuries caused by falls from play equipment onto the ground or other hard surfaces. By providing guidelines for suitable surfacing materials and their installation, BS EN 1177:2008 aims to create a safe environment for children to enjoy and explore.

Key Requirements of BS EN 1177:2008

This standard lays down several important requirements in order to ensure the safety of playgrounds:

1. Critical Fall Height (CFH): The CFH refers to the maximum height from which a child can fall without sustaining a severe head injury. BS EN 1177:2008 sets specific CFH limits based on the type and thickness of the protective surfacing material used.

2. Impact Attenuation: The standard requires that the playground surface should have sufficient impact-absorbing properties to cushion the fall and reduce the risk of serious injury.

3. Head Injury Criterion (HIC): BS EN 1177:2008 defines HIC as a measure of how likely a head injury is to occur during impact. It provides limits on the acceptable HIC values, ensuring that the playground surface adequately protects against head injuries.

Testing and Certification

Playground surfaces need to undergo rigorous testing to meet the requirements of BS EN 1177:2008. This includes impact testing using specialized equipment and measuring the critical fall height. Testing is conducted by accredited laboratories, and only those surfaces that pass all the requirements are certified as compliant with the standard.

It is important for playground owners and operators to regularly inspect and maintain the surfacing material to ensure it continues to meet BS EN 1177:2008 standards. This will help guarantee the ongoing safety of children playing on the equipment.

In conclusion, BS EN 1177:2008 is a vital standard that regulates the safety of playground surfacing and impact attenuation. By adhering to this standard, stakeholders can create an environment where children can enjoy their playtime while minimizing the risk of injuries caused by falls.



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