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What is BS EN 60068-25:2011?

BS EN 60068-25:2011 is a technical standard that specifies methods for the testing of equipment and components in regard to environmental conditions. This standard covers a wide range of environmental tests that assess the suitability and reliability of products in various conditions such as temperature, humidity, shock, and vibration.

Temperature Testing

One of the key aspects of BS EN 60068-25:2011 is temperature testing. This test determines the ability of a product or component to perform under extreme temperature conditions. The purpose of temperature testing is to ensure that the device or component can operate within its specified temperature range without any degradation in performance. This test is conducted by subjecting the product to both high and low-temperature extremes and monitoring its behavior and functionality.

Humidity Testing

Humidity testing is another important part of BS EN 60068-25:2011. This test evaluates the resistance of a product or component to high levels of moisture and humidity. The goal is to determine whether the material can withstand prolonged exposure to humid conditions without any adverse effects. The test involves placing the product in a controlled humid environment and monitoring its performance over a specified period. It helps manufacturers ensure that their products are suitable for use in areas with high humidity or where condensation is likely.

Shock and Vibration Testing

Shock and vibration testing is conducted to evaluate the ability of a product or component to withstand mechanical shock and vibrations that occur during transportation or normal operation. The test is designed to simulate real-world scenarios where the product may be subjected to sudden impacts and vibrations. By subjecting the product to controlled shocks and vibrations, this test helps manufacturers identify weak points and make necessary design improvements to enhance durability and reliability.


BS EN 60068-25:2011 plays a vital role in ensuring that products and components are manufactured to high standards of quality and reliability. By subjecting them to various environmental tests, this standard helps manufacturers identify any potential weaknesses and make necessary improvements. Temperature, humidity, shock, and vibration testing are some of the key aspects covered by this standard. Adhering to the requirements of BS EN 60068-25:2011 can help manufacturers build robust and durable products that can withstand challenging conditions.



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